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Office/ Indoor & Clothing/ Apparel Branding

Lions Vest

Custom Fabricated Lions Vest with Embroided Badge

Lions Vest

Custom Fabricated Lions Vest with Flex Print branding on back


Pillar golf

Pillar Corporate Golf

Pillar full branding

Pillar Full branding; ABS IDs, Shirts, caps & Car Stickers

Alaba Honey Stickers

Alaba Honey Stickers

Cake Bwana caps

Cake Bwana Caps 2017

Simba Oil Stickers

Simba Hot Chilli Label Stickers

ABS Biz cards

ABS/ PVC Biz Cards (Ideal for IDs also)

TIZ Trifold Brochures

TIZ Land Trifold Brochures 2017

BSE Caps 2017

BSE Studio Caps 2017

Matonjeni bush shirt

Matonjeni Bush Shirts 2017

BSE CD Album covers

BSE CD Album Prints

Mazabuka Times name tags

GS Cash Advance Magnetic Name Tags

New Mutual Barron Shirts

New Mutual Barron Bush Shirts

Jolemu Profile

Jolemu 9 pg A4 Profile 2015

SSVP Calendar 2016

SSVP (Z) A2 4 pg Calendar 2016

SSVP calendar 2016

SSVP Calendar 2016

New Mutual brochures

New Mutual A4 Dbl-Sided Trifold Brochures 2015

Homenet Brochures

Homenet A4 Dbl-Sided Trifold Brochures 2015

Alliance Francaise Brochures

Alliance Francaise 16 pg A5 Brochure

New Mutual biz cards

New Mutual Biz Cards

Splendor and Majestic biz cards

Splendor & Majestic Biz cards

Cakeman biz cards

CakeMan Biz Cards

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Office Fabrications

FELE Counter Fabrication

Franklin Electric L-Shaped Work Top With Foamica and Aluminium Composite Front Panel.

FELE Dry Wall Office Partition

Franklin Electric Dry Wall Office Partition with Aluminium Railing and G;ass Doors & Windows.

FELE Server Room

Concrete Server room with flat Roof @ 2m x 3m x 2m high with Securty Door.

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Outdoor Branding

FELE Front Billboard

FELE Front Billboard (Vinyl Sticker)


Liberty Marching banner ICR 2018

Liberty Marching Banner @ 20th Inter Company Relay 2018

FELE Outside Door Contravision

Franklin Electric Front Door Contravisions

FELE Outsidce Window Contravision

Budget Stores Vinyl

Budget Stores (Mansa) Vinyl Install.

Cakebwana Corex

Cake Bwana Corex Sign

FM Academy Banner

FM Academy Banner 2.1m x 1.05m

FSG Show 1

FSG 90th ZACS Show Stand Wall 1

FSG Show 2

FSG 90th ZACS Show Stand Wall 2

FSG Show 3

FSG 90th ZACS Show Stand Wall 3

Cake Bwana

Cake Bwana Banner 2016


Khondwani Office Contravisions


Cafe Billboard

Cafe Nthandose Billboard 2 2016

NMC Poleflags

NMC Pole Flags 1.8m x 1.2m

Zambia flag

Zambia Flag 1.8m x 1.2m

Janes Pub Banner 2015

Janes Pub Banner 2015

Grass Roots Banner 2015

Grass Roots Banner 2015

Cafe Nthandose Billboard

Cafe Nthandose BillBoard 2016

Nosmas Vinyl Poster 2013

Nosmas Ltd Vinyl Poster 2013

New Mutual Contravision

New Mutual Contravision 2012

Exodus Stables Banner 2015

Exodus Stables Banner 2015

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Car Branding

Rhidoor mock up

Rhinodoor Mock-Up pic

Rhinodoor side

Rhinodoor Allion Side complete

Cut Out lettering with Laminated Vinyl Logo


Rhinodoor Back

Rhinodoor Allion Back

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Branding Tools

National Milling Flags

National Milling 3m Windcheaters


FSG Pop ups

FSG Assurance Pop-Ups

FSG 3m Harps

Liberty Assurance Pull-Ups

Grassroots Mock up

Grassroots Mock-Up

Grassroots Gazebo

Grassroots Gazebo 3m x 3m(roof only)

Grassroots Gazebo full

Grassroots Gazebo 3m x 3m (4 Walls)

NMC All 3m Windcheater

NMC Allbrands 3m Windcheater

NMC 3m Windcheater

NMC 3m Windcheater

NMC 3m Harp

Nat Milling Gazebo

Nat. Milling 3m x 3m Walled Gazebo

Giordano Gazebo 2016

Giordano 3m x 3m Gazebo 2016

NMC Bread windcheater

NMC Bread 2m Windcheater

National Milling Gazebo 2016

Nat. Milling 3m x 3m Walled Gazebo 2016

Pesto Bar pop up

The Pesto Bar Heavy-base Pull-up 2015

Rumphi pop up

Rumphi Pull-Up 2013

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Media Adverts

BSE Advantage screen

BSE Advantage Digital Screen Ad


BSE Radio Advert 2013

BSE Radio Ad 2013

Wansanje TV Ad 2013

Wansanje TV Ad 2013


Mikenatics Ichalo Chimo Tour Ad

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Company Profile

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Works Porfolio

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