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Online Representation, Marketing & Sales Consultancy, Website Management, Event Promotion.

21st Century Zambia is a subsidiary of Bomb Shelter Entertainment and combined with their services, it' s aim is bring 'tomorrow's Corporate Branding today'changinng the face of Zambia and I.T.C with the following attributes ...

Online Representation

21stCenturyZambia.com is a revolutionary new information and directory website that plans to combine the interactivity of websites like Face Book and Google wih the information and contents of a 'Guide To Zambia' almanac.

We are currently offering subscribing businesses and the public alike the opportunity to get a 'full page profile' (including hyperlinks to mother sites, images and details of all goods and services offered and Search Engine rankings) for inclusion into our vast Business Directory.

We also have a classifieds page were individual and Orgs can advertise cars, property and other businesses & services from K250 a month. Also forwarded to our Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Watsapp, twitter & more receiving over 5000 hits a post.

Businesses with more aggresive marketing needs and durable budgets also have the opportunity to get special 'advertising banners' (1 face or 3 faced animation) on any selected or 'targeted' pages of the website with hyperlinks to there advertised goods/ services or websites.

The public and organisation sponsors also have the opportunity to put up bulletins of events, conferences and shows coming up in Zambia aswell as auction personal goods, property, cars and one' s self (the job market).

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Marketing, Branding & Sales Consultancy

With a wealth of experience in marketing, branding and Sales from the USA, UK and Africa, 21stCenturyZambia.com are able to completely strategise your company' s marketing and Sales initiatives from written plans to direct implementation, increasing your client base, your platforms of advertising and promotion and sales approaches and techniques through Radio & TV Advertising, Indoor & Outdoor Vinyl printing and various other forms of corporate branding.

Now Zambian Dist. Agents of Kevro & Barron SA- www.Kevro.co.za

21stCenturyZambia.com have a host of mailing lists that will enable our clients to reach the desks of a majority of Zambian and International firms.

BSE products board

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Website Management

21stCenturyZambia.com not only host a Business Directory online for potential clients but also make it possible for you to purchase a full website of your own or perhaps update you old one, with .com (or witchever dot net address code) domain name purchase and complete website upload, hosting and management.

We have Certified Webmasters that are able to design and implement any concept of web service you require including;
- Ecommerce facilities/ Shopping Carts.
- Interactive forms (for orders or info collection)
- Animation Heading & Banners
- Blogs, Bulletins & Chat rooms
- Various other interactivities

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Company Profile 21stCenturyZambia.com Profile PDF

Event Promotion

Having organised events here in Zambia and in London, UK, 21stCenturyZambia.com find venues, sponsors and equipment for events aswell as direct implementation in the promotion of such events through the following means:

-Flyer design and distribution.
- Poster design and placement.
-Radio & TV adverts (shooting, recording & editing).
- Acquiring Sponsors, Equipment and other resources.
- Ticket Design and Printing

Plus, the organisation and assistance with any other services that may be required.

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