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03rd Sept 2015
Paul Muuma My name is Paul Muuma, I am a 25 year old University if Zambia student. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree, my major is development studies and my minor is gender studies. That’s about my professional career. Now the thing about me that makes you stand on your toes or sit at the edge of your seat and hold your breath is that I’m an published author. My fame and glory lies in words poetry and creative writing, the very quintessence of an artist, that’s who I am. To vivify this, I have one particular title on the market; “Love, My Addiction”

“Love, My Addiction” is a literary piece of fiction that I wrote in my first year at the University of Zambia (UNZA). It is a 91 paged short story which is set on the UNZA campus.It looks at the social life of the student populace and surrounds the life of a campus beauty going by the name of Regina Smitney. Regina is a complicated character who you would love without understanding why you love her. For her it only takes a single snap and you’ll be under her spell. Her beauty is unquestionable, her allure; irresistible. Destiny has been defined as the real meaning behind one’s existence yet when a man sets his eyes on Regina, winning her love becomes his destiny. Regina as well makes it look possible as she would entertain, indulge and create the fantasy that he cannot only have her but fully possess her as his own, because her anthem is “Love is my addiction”
The novel is important for a lot of reasons. For starters it has a wide audience, anyone who can read can enjoy it and its themes are numerous catering for readers who are plugged into finance, religion, motivation, academic prowess and so on. This is because it’s a work of fiction and its title does not restrict its content. “Love, My Addiction” also looks at behavioural change in a person’s social life as it surrounds themes of HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, multiple concurrent sexual relationships and above all it points out to the gospel of love and hope that is in Jesus Christ. The target audience ranges from teen agers, young adults and people in middle age however “Love, My Addiction” was written to be loved by anyone who so much as touches it and desires to read.
The response and feedback that has come back to me as the author has been uplifting, members of the corporate world, fellow students as well as young people who have aspired to be students of the University of Zambia have given a thumbs up on the quality and content, most of them have been asking when the next title is coming out. I’ve been humbled enough to hear people older than me saying they learnt so much from the book. Most have prophesied how great I’m going to be looking at my age and my ability, which I put on God because He actually is the author in me.
“Love, My Addiction” is found at Enobel book centre, located in Malasha road off cairo road. And it is going at the price of K50. It will also be in Bookworld stores by 4th September, at Manda hill, UNZA and along Cairo road. But apart from that you can also find some copies with me as well if only you can catch me

“Love, My Addiction” is the first title in the campus series, the second title is “Kasy or Tasy?” Then the next will be The Exam Paper and two other titles to follow plus a bonus title.Apart from the campus series I have co-authored a book entitle Inspirations of a woman together with Betty Tembo and Francis Sikanyika. The book is dedicated to women in respect to what burdens they have borne, what struggles they have endured, what rights they have defended as well as the warmth, care and love that they shave spread and finally the inspirations they have radiated. It is a lovely book that sets out to encourage women, applaud them, appreciate them, protect them and empower them in social, economic as well as political spheres.

For more information catch me on +260 971 969883, Paul Muuma is my user name on facebook, look me up as well on paulmuuma.blogspot.com .

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