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Here' s how you get to the beautiful habitats of Zambia.

Zambia National Tourism Board

By Air

Many airlines fly in and out of Lusaka International Airport, including Zambian Airways, British Airways, Aeroflot, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Air France, Air Botswana, Air Malawi, Air Tanzania, Air Zaire, Air Zimbabwe and Kenya Airways. InterAir flies into Ndola International Airport

Mfuwe airport recently achieved international status and plans are afoot for international airlines to fly directly to Luangwa Valley. The Livingstone Airport near Victoria Falls is also being upgraded.

See Air Charter Companies

Entry visas for visitors cost US$25 Single entry (Sep 1998) and there is an airport departure tax of US$ 20 when you leave.

There are daily flights Mfuwe/Lusaka/Livingstone and Livingstone/Lusaka/Mfuwe from April 1 - 15 November 2003. Then 3 times a week 16 November - 31 December 2003.

Airwaves Airlink are flying Mfuwe/Lusaka return daily (1 April - 31 May USD 200 gross, 1 June to 15 Nov USD160

Migration Air are flying Livingstone/Lusaka return daily (USD 200)

Nationwide are flying Joburg/Livingstone/Lusaka return 3 times a week, also connecting to the Airwaves Airlink flights to/from Mfuwe. Nationwide are giving excellent net STO rates.

There will be some connection waiting time in Lusaka on most days. Airwaves Airlink will be providing a comfortable lounge area with entertainment and refreshments. There will be a full meet and greet service at Lusaka airport for all the clients using Airwaves Airlink.

Airwaves Airlink. Seat rates Lusaka/Lower Zambezi are available, USD 90 per seat, min 2. Seat rates Mfuwe/Lilongwe are available USD 200, min ...

By Road

The main overland routes from the south to Zambia are; via Harare in Zimbabwe through the border at either Kariba or Chirundu; via Bulawayo and across the Victoria Falls Bridge; via Botswana across the ferry at Kazungula near Livingstone.

Zambia can be entered from Malawi at the Mchinga/Chipata border, or further north at Nyika Plateau or Chitipa.
The Tanzanian entry point is through the Tunduma/Nakonde border post onto the Great North road,.
Access from Congo D.R. is via the Lumbumbashi - Chingola road, but there is no access from Angola as yet.
Road borders all open at 06h00 and close at 18h00 except Victoria falls which closes at 20h00.

To bring a vehicle into Zambia one must obtain a temporary import permit (TIP), at the border, or depending on the country of origin, a carnet de passage. If the driver is not the owner of the vehicle they must have a letter from the owner authorising the use of the vehicle in Zambia. You must also purchase third party insurance at the border. Have your vehicle papers on hand at all times as road blocks are fairly frequent.

By Bus

There are buses from Dar es Salaam and Mbeya in Tanzania to the border, where Zambian buses can be caught to the Copperbelt and Lusaka. From Malawi, a private bus company runs the Lilongwe - Lusaka Route. Booking in advance is essential. (See listings section for Buses)

The Intercape Mainliner and Translux have services to and from Johannesburg in South Africa. Their combined timetables make possible daily departures.

By Boat

Zambia is one of the five countries bordering Lake Tanganyika and a ferry operates from Burundi to Tanzania to Zambia and back once a week, arrivingand leaving the port of Mpulungu every Friday.

By Train

One can catch a train from South Africa to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, then take the ferry train across the bridge to Livingstone (two trains daily) and another train to Lusaka, the Copperbelt or the Northern Province.

From Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, the Tazara line runs through to Kapiri Mposhi, where you can catch another train to Lusaka or Kitwe on the Copperbelt. Customs and immigration are conducted on board.

Passengers trains in Zambia are run by ZAMBIA RAILWAYS and TANZANIA-ZAMBIA RAILWAY.
ZAMBIA RAILWAYS run the ”Zambezi Express” three days a week Livingstone-Lusaka and three days a week a through train Livingstone-Kapiri Mposhi-Ndola-Kitwe (The Thomas Cook Overseas Timetable claims far more frequent connections). These trains have Sleeper, 2nd class and 3rd class. Sleeper have 2 berth compartments. No towels are provided. 2nd class is reclining seats 2+2. 3rd class is hard benches. Only bistro cars. To Mulobezi there is 3rd class only. No dining cars. ZR trains are pretty ill maintained and often run very late.

TANZANIA-ZAMBIA RAILWAY runs the line from New Kapiri Mposhi (2 km from the ZR stop) to Dar-es-Salaam TAZARA (8 km from Dar es Salaam TRC station). There are domestic trains and twice a week (departing Tuesdays and Fridays) through trains; ”Mukuba Express” and ”Kilimanjaro Express”. The trains have 1st, 2nd and 3rd class, with 4 berth compartments, 6 berth compartments and seats respectively. No towels are provided. Dining cars with table service, the food being prepared in the car.

STEAM AFRICA EXPRESS runs excursion trains from Victoria Falls to Livingstone and back again, when at least six paying passengers. The train can be used for single journeys. It has a lounge car, where soft drinks and champagne is being served (included). The train stops on the bridge for photographing.

The ”Mukuba Express” and ”Kilimanjaro Express” are, together with the occasional Steam Africa Express, the only international trains to/from Zambia.

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