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DJ Applebite- Komboni Radio 94.9FM

(26th Feb 2018)
DJ Applebite
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DJ Applebite @ Komboni FM
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DJ Applebite

Name- Mervis Kasonde Kalumba aka Danjon Baby aka LSK Mammy.

Age- 25yrs, 1st born in a family of 3.

Brief History-Went to Eagle Primary, Mufulira (up to G6)/ Emmasdale Basic (Grade 7-9)/ Matero Girls (G10)/ Kasama Girls (G11-12); Anti-AIDS Club President, Drama Club, Peer educator.

What are your current passions/ hobbies- To Start Singing, To start my own career cause i’m tired of being in other peoples shadows, lol. Reading motivational Books, cooking, Dancing.

When did you become a DJ & Why?- May 2017, I was a participate on Beads and Lipstick and so had to do interviews, etc. Thats how I fell in love with the mic and decided to be a DJ. Also, I have love for music and the entertainment industry so I thought being a DJ would be a plus.

Who are your inspirations in media?- International- Fantazia and Toni Braxton. African- Brenda Fassie. Local- Rachel and Ephraim.

Which artists and music are you currently listening to?- Old Zambian Music; PK Chishala, Paul Ngonzi, Selena to new school k’Millian, Exile & Mampi.

What was the 1st and last show you went to- At Hollywood City in 2009 when Ozzy won Celtel’s Song of The Year. Last show was in 2017 in Chipata, Blue Gums with T-Sean as a Dancer.

How did you get your stage Name- I was in a group so my friend used to call me Apple so i thought it was a good name for a DJ.

Where are you currently DJing- Komboni Radio 94.9FM, and a regular residency @ Uncle Tee’s Dallas City in Kabwata.

Highlights of Your career- Dancer for Mampi (2014-15) the show we did in Niger (laughing), also danced for B-Flow, T-Sean, DJ Cosmo, OC, JK, Mack II & Kachanana. Finalist Participant on Beads and Lipstick show; Muvi TV (2017).

If you could DJ at any Show or Venue, which one- something like Strictly Come Dancing, Venue would be Intercontinental or Hollywood City.

If you could go on a date with anybody- Cassper Nyovest, Diamond Platinumz, Tay Grin or Tiye P.

Favourite designer- Abisary Collections (local designer, I was on beads & Lipstick with her; FB #abisarycollections)

What Plans do you have for the future- I plan to open my own Dance school to empower young Zambian youths as a source of employment and to be a singer.

What developments would you like to see in the Industry in future- To have more modern and organised structures and venues for events (like the way they have for international awards shows with the rotating and changing stages, etc).

Whats your advice to up and coming media youth- Believe in yourself, everybody starts from somewhere, Failure is not trying at all.

Any Last Words- Dont let anybody silence your inner voice, believe in yourself and you can be anything. Everybody starts from somewhere. Oh yes, and I’m single (Interviewer doesn’t know how? lol)

Your contacts details (online or otherwise)- Tel- +260 975 931303 or +260 953 042104, Facebook- #merviskasondekalumba or #djapplebite, instagram- #applebitethedancer. Email- beadslipstick24@gmail.com.

DJ Applebite @ Bluegums DJ Applebite @ Bluegums

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