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Daniel Godfrey Mwanza- CEO of Zeta Media

(6th Feb 2018)
Daniel Mwanza

My names are DanielĀ  Godfrey Mwanza and I'm 34 years old. I was was born in Lusaka, Zambia at University Teaching Hospital to a Zambian father and Russian mother who both are unfortunately with the lord now.

I had a very humble upbringing but thanks to the Lord we always had a plate of food and a roof over our heads. I went to Namununga, Baobab and Leopards Hill schools and wrote my grade 12 at kitwe boys.

I'd started started my college at Rhodes Training Institute and only attained my 1st Certificate level in A. B. E before financial constraints halted my progress. I began my working experience with Group Three Security as an Assistant Operations Manager before moving to Artcoat Perfect Print as a Production Manager. I then moved to Amerex Fire Equipment as a Stores Manager and then finally to Agent Classifieds as a Senior Sales Executive.

In 2013 I started my publishing house called Zeta Media which launched an agriculture magazine called Agroplus magazine as it's main product; this is where my business and passion lies now. My priority has always been my family but aside from that my major interest has always been in Farming; hence my drive to manage the Agroplus publication.

In future, we hope to empower individuals,small and medium scale farmers with the basic knowledge they need to generate their own wealth. As people we should all work towards leaving our mark in this world,my prayers are that by my efforts through my own product will encourage individuals to do better for themselves. Thanks and God bless.

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Facebook- www.facebook.com/agroplusmagazine

Email- salesagroplus@gmail.com

Download the PDF copy of the latest Agroplus Magazine publication here.

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