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Cell phones are increasingly important for both personal and business use. These phones run off batteries, so it is both frustrating and inconvenient when a phone battery holds a charge for only a short time, or gets wet, which could spell ruin. Although lithium batteries produce more energy and are lighter and smaller than in the past, they are unpredictable and therefore demand careful use. Manufacturers build these batteries with surge breakers so consumers cannot overcharge or over-discharge them. However, if the lithium battery is not holding a charge for long, there are ways to repair it and increase the battery life, even though these batteries do not contain serviceable parts. There are also ways to fix a wet battery.

How to Repair a Wet Battery

Portable phones go many places and face dangers that less portable devices may not. Water damage to a phone and the battery in that phone often means disaster. Acting quickly if a battery gets wet minimizes the damage and prevents a completely ruined product. To prevent further damage, immediately remove the battery from the phone using a small set of pliers or your fingers. Water damages the circuit board, a key part to battery function, and getting the battery out of the wet location lessens the likelihood of circuit board damage. Shake the battery and the phone and then blot with paper towels to remove excess water from the surface. Use cotton swabs on the connectors and other hard-to-reach places. Submerge the battery in rice overnight to absorb all remaining water out of the battery.

How to Fix a Battery That Does Not Hold a Charge

A battery that does not hold a charge for long is at best a minor inconvenience; at worst, it can cause missed important phone calls or lack of access to a calendar, causing the user to miss appointments. Turning off any idle applications is a first step in extending the life of any battery. Removing unused applications also helps. Cell phone carriers sometimes load the phone with applications prior to the sale; however, users sometimes have the ability to delete these applications, which can otherwise eat up battery life and memory, even when sitting unused.

There are several methods to help a battery hold a charge longer. One of the simplest is allowing the battery to die completely and then charging the battery for two to three days while the phone remains off. Other methods require a few more steps. The phone is out of use for extended periods of time during these remedies. Consider having a backup phone on hand. If the home remedies do not work, the battery likely needs replacing due to a defect or damage.

Removing the SIM Card to Recharge

Turn the phone off and remove the battery and the subscriber identity module (SIM) card. Leave these out for two minutes, and then put only the battery back in the phone. Leaving out the SIM card prevents getting calls during this process. Keeping the phone off, plug it into the battery charger and allow it to charge completely. Once the charge is complete, take the phone off the charger and power it up, but do not replace the SIM card. Keep all applications closed, and close any that may open automatically. Allow the battery to drain until the phone turns itself off. Once this happens, remove the battery. Wait a few minutes, and then replace the SIM card and the battery, keeping the phone off. Recharge the phone to a complete charge while in the off position. Turn on the phone once it is completely charged. The battery should now hold a charge better.

Physically Repairing a Phone Battery

Other methods are simple, using household items to repair a weak battery. For both these methods, turn the phone off and remove the battery before beginning.

Cold Storage

Wrap the battery in newspaper and then two layers of plastic wrap. Put the battery in the freezer for three days and then put it in a cool, dry place for two days. Replace the battery in the phone and charge it. Placing the battery in a cold area reduces the leakage current, which increases the power.

 Oxidation Removal

Using an eraser, gently wipe the metal contacts on the battery and inside the phone. Prolonged use creates oxidation, causing a weak battery and a bad contact.

How to Buy a Phone Battery and Repair Supplies on eBay

Using a home remedy to prolong the life of a phone battery saves money, though it takes time. Finding a few tools oneBay, like needlenose pliers, is easy. A general search gives all available tools. Narrow the search by the type of tool, such as pliers, or by a more defined category. Tool sets give you different sizes for different batteries. Buying from an eBay store allows you to purchase all the tools you need to repair a phone battery from a single seller. If the home remedy does not work, and you must buy a replacement battery, eBay has them as well. Whether you are shopping for tools or batteries, look for sellers with a Top-Rated Plus icon.

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