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Allan Dauchi- Environmental Artist

24th Nov 2015
Paul Dauchi

Allan Dauchi is a Lusaka Based environmental artist. His artistic process began as a child during art school lessons at Konkola Primary School in the 1980’s. Now his primary source of inspiration for the rich environmental paintings comes from his academic background of environmental management. His art is characterised by depicting Zambia’s nature, animals and the environment as a whole. His current paintings have focused on trees, vegetation and forests and their contribution to ecosystem services.

Mr. Dauchi’s artistic abilities have earned him a good reputation as a person who contributes highly artistically at his place of work. His paintings have been bought by men and women of high status in the society. He is currently a member of the Henry Tayali Visual Arts Centre and runs a company with the name; ENVIRO-ART SUPPLY.

For viewing some of his works, check on www.paintingsilove.com and search for Allan Dauchi.


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